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 ***PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING*** - Important Information

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***PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING*** - Important Information Empty
PostSubject: ***PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING*** - Important Information   ***PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING*** - Important Information EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 11:27 am

Hello to anybody considering an application to our guild!

Here is some important information you should know before applying -

Raid Days

We raid on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Optional raids are also carried out on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays sometimes depending on who is online.

Raid Times

We raid from 7pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time. Server Time is GMT+1


We expect you to bring a positive attitude with you in any form of guild interaction.
We expect you to prepare yourself for raids, bringing the necessary consumables with you.
We expect a level of commitment to raiding - alt+f4'ing will not be tolerated in raids.
We expect pre-raid gear, or the intention to quickly (Days, not weeks) gather pre-raid gear.


We are not "hardcore", we just want to progress at an acceptable rate, and have fun whilst we do this. Banter on vent/chat is totally acceptable. Keep it english, keep it as un-offensive as you can, unless you know the recipient well enough to know they will take it well.

Members to contact regarding applications are:
Lifecoil, Trollinn, Eficus, Dotsrfornubs, Stunrfornubs, Mycologist

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***PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING*** - Important Information
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