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 application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury

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application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury Empty
PostSubject: application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury   application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 12:23 am

RL Information:
Name: Tom
Age: 22
Nationality: Dutch
Timezone: GMT+1

Is there anything else you want us to know about this subject?

Your favourite soda:
Coca Cola

Character information

Name: Whysocute
Class: Warrior
Talentbuild: 1h Fury (17/34/0)

Why did you chose this build?
It maintains pvp viability while also having decent rage generation and pve viability

Are you willing to respec if needed?:

Previous Guilds

What are the names of the guilds that you were in?:
Havent been in a guild on the feenix realm however i have been in a couple of guilds on the live server starting in vanilla;

Trollbane(EU) Vanilla:
Death in excess(DIE)

Stormscale(EU) TBC:
The blessed cheesemakers

quit during WOTLK, started playing again in cataclysm with my old pvp guild Whyohwhy on trollbane however realised the expansion was shit and quit again.

Why did you leave these guilds?:

Trollbane(EU) Vanilla:
OAP - old alliance pvp guild where i got my gnome warrior to rank 14, however after talking to alot of horde players on MIRC and teamspeak i deleted the warrior and made a undead rogue
Because of the fact that horde was outnumbered 1:10 and the fact that i got along with everyone from the pvp guild Whyowhy.

Whyohwhy - Old horde rank 13+ guild left due to wanting more pve on my horde rogue, also very inactive during end of vanilla.

Death in excess(DIE) - Disbanded during summer vacation end of vanilla

Stormscale(EU) TBC:

DOOM SQUAD - Left for friends guild The blessed cheesemakers

The blessed cheesemakers - Transfered back to trollbane to rejoin with whyohwhy

Lot of guild history over the couple years Razz

Misc information

Do you poses a stable internet connection (Stable meaning, less than 1 disconnects per raid of 4 hours)?:
Yes, about a 9.5 it has the rare hiccup.

Did you level this character yourself?

How would you rate your English, written and spoken, from 1 to 10, where 1 is lowest, and 10 highest:
Around a 7 for writing and a 9 for spoken.

How long have you been playing the Feenix server?:
Two weeks

Have you got an open application to another guild at the moment?:

Is there anything else you want us to know about this subject?:
Despite my short playing time on this server i hope my extended knowledge of vanilla on retail can make up for this fact.

Raid information:

Are you able to meet our expectations regarding raid days+times? (7pm-11pm Tue/Thur/Sun):

What is your experience in raiding in Vanilla, (please list the bosses downed if you haven't completely cleared an instance)?:
Warrior: Molten core, Onyxia.(this was early in the game.)
Rogue Everything apart from Saphiron and Kel'thuzad.

Is there anything else you want us to know about this subject?:
The reason we did not down sapphiron and Kel'thuzad is because of the summer break and we couldnt get 30+ people online due to the population on trollbane being extremly low on horde side.
However we did fully research the tactics for both bosses and had the frost res gear ready Sad.

I hope my experience and dedication of vanilla raiding can be a asset to the guild despite the fact that my gear currently is underwhelming:


Armor: Full valor set
Cloak: Stoneskin Gargoyle cape
Trinkets: Darkmoon card: Mealstorm / PvP trinket / Rune of the guard captain/working on the onyxia prequest trinket for the crit/
Weapons: Axe of the deep woods / Serathil

Professions: Blacksmithing/Engineering on warrior Mining/Engineering on Rogue. all maxed able to stealth run dark iron veins for fire res gear on rogue.

Extra info:
I have plans of also getting High warlord on this warrior considering its so easy to get on this server (less than 10000000 honor/week)
However this will not interfere with raiding at all nor my prepartions for a raid.

Regards, Whysocute.
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application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury Empty
PostSubject: Re: application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury   application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 2:23 pm

As discussed, a community spot is available. You will, in time, be able to take a member spot with activity and dedication.

Accepted and locked.

application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury Sigig
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application: Whysocute /Warrior/Undead/Fury
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