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PostSubject: Magebro | Frost | Mage | Bro   Magebro | Frost | Mage | Bro EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 12:08 am

RL Information:
Name: Filip
Age: 22
Nationality: Landmine/Croatia
Timezone: GMT+1
Is there anything else you want us to know about this subject?: Lulz
Your favourite soda: Beer

Character information:
Name: Magebro
Class: Mage Bro
Talentbuild: 17/0/34
Why did you chose this build?: It's pretty good vs warriors, I've heard. And improved counterspell is da bomb. Plus it's very fun to play
Are you willing to respec if needed?: Of course. Clearly a pve spec would be more viable.

Previous Guilds:
What are the names of the guilds that you were in?: realm Trollbane - Euphoria(vanilla),Malice(tbc/wrath)
Why did you leave these guilds?: Euphoria disbanded as TBC came because we didnt have enough players willing to level up fast so the hardcore crew( including )
left for other guilds while the rest wandered off into oblivion. With malice we cleared all TBC content, and as wrath came the pve just bored me so I quit wow.

Misc information:
Do you poses a stable internet connection (Stable meaning, less than 1 disconnects per raid of 4 hours)?: Yes
Did you level this character yourself?: Yes
How would you rate your English, written and spoken, from 1 to 10, where 1 is lowest, and 10 highest: 10+ with the occasional fluke
How long have you been playing the Feenix server?: Two weeks
Have you got an open application to another guild at the moment?: Nope
Is there anything else you want us to know about this subject?: -

Raid information:
Are you able to meet our expectations regarding raid days+times? (7pm-11pm Tue/Thur/Sun): Yes. Unemployed college student hi5.
What is your experience in raiding in Vanilla, (please list the bosses downed if you haven't completely cleared an instance)?:
MC,BWL,Ony, AQ20/40,ZG, Naxx-Spider wing. Cleared rest of naxx in TBC ( lulz )
Is there anything else you want us to know about this subject?: Onyxia is hard. More dots.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your entire application?:

Gear information:
Currently working on some better gear, got a few BiS pre-raid items, but I've only been 60 for a couple of days. Rest is not so great, but getting gear would be easier if everyone wasn't so bad at derp instances. Working on it!

I've been playing wow since 2004, and I find myself quite experienced in the game right now. Classes played at high level include rogue, shaman, mage, warrior, hunter. I know alot about all the classes and the game itself.
We've always been talking about how vanilla was great compared to the "awesomeness" what wow is becoming, and a few of my friends found this server, and been playing since.

Peace out!
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PostSubject: Re: Magebro | Frost | Mage | Bro   Magebro | Frost | Mage | Bro EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 12:53 pm

Good Apply, unfortunately we simply can not take on more mages for raid spots. We have 1-2 too many as it is already.

As I've been told you're a friend of Sokta, therefor the best I can do for you is a community or backup raid spot. Whisper me ingame if you decide to take this position. As for now; this topic is locked.

(P.s. what's your obsession with Lulz?!)
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Magebro | Frost | Mage | Bro
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